Woodworking is my first trade. I have worked on a variety of projects, from homes to businesses. Check out my portfolio for all my recent work. In my experience, I have faced a typical situation where homeowners had to hire a handyman service right after employing a carpenter who left the work incomplete or without the required efficiency. They Should hire Home Renovation Company Washington DC in Perfect and Reliable Work. Well, this happens when you hire an inexperienced carpenter who takes the job but does not have the expertise or skills to complete it.


I have been in this business for years, and as I have said, woodworking is my first trade for these years. So, I can offer you the best carpentry service for your home or office with installations of baseboard, door, window, hardwood floorboard, etc. Not only installations, but I can also repair whatever is broken or damaged in your home or office.

I can patch up the holes in your drywall, caulk around doors and windows, and flatten popcorn ceilings. With years of doing the job, I can guarantee that my work will refresh the look of your home without damaging it.


Have you gone as far as your knowledge will take you on a project? Whether it’s a light fixture, runny toilet, or worn-down appliance, I have you covered. Your home is the biggest asset that you have, and a little damage can turn out to be a major one if it’s not fixed quickly and accurately. If you have any damage in your home or office, from the kitchen to the living room, or bathroom, Patch masonry & Construction is a Home Renovation Company Maryland to help you fix the damage and give it a fresh look and feel. Repair the holes or cracks in your drywall and leakage in your toilet, sink, tubs, or faucets in an affordable budget.


Don’t risk further damaging your home by letting yearly maintenance fall by the wayside. Schedule a free consultation  from Home Renovation Contractors Washington DC. Maintaining a home or office is as essential as buying a new one. Without proper maintenance, your home or office can fall apart and get damaged that cannot be fixed. So, don’t think twice about hiring a reliable home maintenance service provider who can help you with keeping your home as fresh as new with the timely maintenance service. Have your interiors and exteriors (including your furnishing) properly working with my maintenance service. If you are looking for an expert or Home Renovation Contractors Maryland, you are on the right track as I have years of experience and skillsets to help you with the robust maintenance services.